Orientation On Institutional Accreditation

To our esteemed guest, Dr. Manuel T. Corpus, the Executive Director of the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), fellow College Officials, our committed Faculty and dynamic Staff, a cheerful greeting to each and every one!

A healthy and vibrant academic institution will naturally provide students a rewarding learning environment and experience. As our primary advocacy, quality education must be ensured with the highest possible standards. CSPC’s guiding principles and strategic plans accentuate commitment to achieve academic caliber.

A diligent process, accreditation provides assurance of institutional integrity, quality and effectiveness of our curricula because we take our commitment to excellence in a serious manner. We embark in this important undertaking to send a message to the community that CSPC, in our quest for growth and development of our clienteles, meets the need of today’s society and is determined to continue doing so in the future.

We must be proud to know that we’re able to sustain progress and innovation through accreditation. CSPC has taken rigorous steps to demonstrate our quality and improved processes to hold ourselves to the best standards of performance in our service. These and all important efforts for the past thirty-four years brought us to where we are now: a college with a vibrant past, a victorious present, and a promising future.


Truly, these milestones will never be possible without the strong power team of our equally competent College Officials, Faculty, and Staff who work hand in hand to bring out the best of our students for them to excel in their chosen fields. That is why, I am truly proud and honored to know that CSPC houses Accreditors who are duly recognized by AACCUP and form our institutional task force whose mission is to invigorate our aspiration to be accredited by 2018 through the support of Dr. Manuel T. Corpus and the entire AACCUP team:


Dr. Teresita B. Salazar

Mr. Ferdinand B. Valencia

Dr. Jose Ariel R. Ibarrientos

Dr. Maria Laarni M. Salcedo

Mrs. Alicia D. Nuyda

Dr. Marilyn N. Rivera

Mrs. Grace E. Pacer

Prof. Challiz D. Omorog

Mr. Ian P. Benitez

Engr. Radmar B. Tañamor

Engr. Edna P. Montañez

Engr. Francia H. Tomenio

Engr. Cayetano B. Ricafrente

Engr. Seth B. Barandon

Engr. Virginia V. Pontillas

Dr. Amado A. Oliva, Jr.

Dr. Rosanna B. Oliveros


With them, we shall be continuously driven by the belief that the youth of Rinconada, the Region, and beyond, deserves a high-quality education and that our service will always be relevant in making a genuine difference in the community. And together, we can uplift the identity of CSPC as an academic institution marked with a tradition of innovation and excellence.

I wish each one of us all the best in this momentous endeavor. Continue inspiring greatness!

Thank you and to God be all the glory!