Institutional Research & Development Colloquium And Ogidon Awards

Research and Development outline the intellectual climate of Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges. It is a living testimony to our researchers’ capacity to make discoveries and create innovative technologies in response to addressing the critical issues of the modern society.

CSPC has set clear goals to promote Research and Development and attain objectives such as taking full advantage of translating research discoveries to practical applications, becoming attentive of our role in providing solutions that positively impact the lives of many, and deliberately engaging in opportunities to expand our endeavors by means of creative innovation.

The revolution we have fostered is instrumental not only to the creation of awareness but also the progress of our environment, the upswing of technological prosperity, and the advancement of the health and well-being of our fellowmen. From Health and Technology to Social Science and Education, studies conducted by our colleagues span the entire spectrum to cover timely needs with collaborative solutions.

With the recent milestones achieved by Dir. Ruby Jane S. Gonzales and Dr. Maria Visitacion Taburnal in having their studies published in local and foreign R&D journals, and with Engr. Harold Jan Terano who was named as an Editorial Review Board Member in international journals, we take pride in our emergence as the new powerhouse of world-class researchers! May their accomplishments inspire the rest of the CSPC Community and spark a brand new chapter of our journey. Definitely, our strengths and successes in research extend beyond the confines of our humble institution.

Today, as the Institutional Research & Development Colloquium and OGDON Awards commence, I look forward to continuing our growth and diversifying our programs of discovery geared towards serving the community and beyond. This significant affair is an exciting time where the impact of our respective undertakings will be showcased and recognized. As early as now, I wish to congratulate each and everyone!

Thank you and God bless us all!