In-House Human Resource Development Program

Patrick Lencioni, the author of “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable,” shared an instructive reminder in his book: “Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.”

Here in CSPC, there is one simple formula that defines teamwork: ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS THREE. In our harmonious party, people work together and accomplish much more than we could by ourselves. This concept of synergy is how we achieve success and hence, we remain committed to harnessing teamwork as we strive to attain our ambitions and share the rewards with everyone while making every effort to become an academic institution that is invaluable to the community.

Still, the blood of the Blue Stallion is a blood that clasps excellence in various manners. What we likewise treasure is the long list of favorable outcomes that reveal the exertions we do in order to meet the needs of our clientele as a growing premier academic institution in the region and even the country.

We are a team, not just a group of professionals who work at the same location with the same logo on our business card. We are a team made up of people who may be unequal in experience, talent or background, but we are equal in our commitment to working together to achieve the goals and objectives that our beloved College is aimed towards to. And because we were able to develop individuals to perform as a cohesive unit and focus on a common set of goals, we also gave them the opportunity to celebrate success, transcend barriers, and break records. As a matter of fact, for just a single semester, we managed to achieve victory in many facets, thus, lifting up the name and standards of CSPC in a whole new level.


  • Government bodies recognized CSPC as an institution that values the welfare of its human resource. *3 SLIDES*
  • Linkages were fortified to uphold academic, research and extension services of the College *1 SLIDE*
  • Top-notch performance in licensure examinations was kept alive *2 SLIDES*
  • We embark on a new era of connecting with global affiliates *1 SLIDE*
  • Priorities were set to develop extended social awareness and responsibility in local communities *1 SLIDE*
  • CSPC continues to advocate innovation and is now an emerging powerhouse of researchers *2 SLIDES*
  • Faculty arises in the international arena *1 SLIDE*
  • Learners widen their expertise to a whole new level *2 SLIDES*
  • Students’ achievements continue to wave the banner of CSPC here and abroad *1 SLIDE*
  • On-going infrastructure development for the conducive learning environment of our students *1 SLIDE*

I’ve only mentioned a few highlights of our rewarding journey, and there are more to discover. What makes me even prouder is knowing that we remain deeply committed to maintain these unique factors and find new niches and paths to make sure that the flame of our conquest will remain burning.

I believe that this solidarity doesn’t happen by accident. Because we have shown extreme dedication and effort, the readiness to embrace the uniqueness of our colleagues, and an appreciation of diversity, we managed to build a team that exudes the relationship of a true family and project this image to our clients, stakeholders and the entire community at large.

Year after year, this message still holds true up to this day. We remain steadfast in our commitment to CSPC’s core value of teamwork and effective communication. Yes, our journey is not and will never be easy. It will be very demanding and will require even the last drop of our sweat.

Before I wrap this up, let me leave you with this video that will change the way you look at the time. Beyond the satisfaction and fulfillment we get from working, do you actually make the most out of every effort you do every single day? Reflect and contemplate the thought of this video:


May we all remain fired up for more blessings and continual pursuit of excellence! Thank you and to God be all the Glory!