Context Setting And Developmental Direction 10-Year Strategic Development Planning-Workshop: Phase I


My joyous greetings to our College Officials, Faculty and Staff! And to the Consultants of Aptissimi Development Innovations, Inc. who imparted their valuable dedication and time to be one with us in this important milestone, welcome to Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges!

Let me start by saying that the success we had in the past are only as valuable as the vision that inspired us for the future.

We were born thirty-four years ago – a reminder of how long we are already growing and unceasingly reaping the fruits of all our hard work. This day is the perfect time to reflect on our tremendous achievements and celebrate the success of every CSPCean. Likewise, today is a fitting occasion to look into what’s ahead of us – what we will earn and how we will continue blooming as a roof over the head of competitive and prolific individuals that will soon take over the global scene.

As CSPC launches this extensive effort to envision our goals for the next ten years and to restate in contemporary terms the mission, vision, and goals and objectives embraced by our College community, I do hope that these will be the nucleus of our Ten-Year Strategic Development Plan – an outline of action points that can be fulfilled through a deep-seated consideration of what it aims.

We shall put our fingers to the important factors in our external environment that influence the way we operate. For us to grow and prosper, we must learn how to anticipate, take account of, and deal with these facets that definitely provide both new opportunities and risks to our College.

CSPCeans have also conveyed their respective voices in the process for we sought to recognize the views of every student, faculty and staff, and as well as other stakeholders to construct a plan that is inclusive, equitable, and diverse. Eventually, these bodies will have a continued role to play in the successful realization and attainment of these goals, with each requiring tremendous support from the institution.

Further, I believe that this decade-long plan will be very instrumental in moving CSPC to a higher level of excellence in service to its clients and stakeholders. Though we remain true to the core elements of the well-grounded and relevant targets we presently have, it is best to craft a brand new set of plans and set out more clear-cut aspirations for our shared work ahead.

Our road to 2029 will consist of a bold, forward thinking strategy that focuses on academic and institutional excellence, student success, and service to our local and international community. In ten years, CSPC will have demonstrated the strength of these collective wisdom where collaborative efforts have resulted in positive impacts on academic progress in the local, regional and global contexts.

And I must say that today is an exciting moment for all of us at CSPC. Let us be hand-in-hand in taking our initial steps to chart our course to the future and beyond as we reflect our best efforts to advance our VMGO to carry out our commitment and legacy.

Allow me to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who will help shape our College’s blueprint for the decade to come. More than this day, I look forward to working with you all in executing the initiatives in this journey to take CSPC to a new height.

Thank you and God bless us all!